Care Teams

Want to make the world a little brighter and easier for people? Check out our many options to provide care for others:


a task-oriented and provides concrete gifts of love to people in need (i.e. transportation, meal support, household support, etc.)


compassionate listeners who are matched with seniors in Centennial’s community, and meet with them monthly to bear witness to their lives and offer a listening presence.

Funeral/Memorial Service Support Team

a group that offers logistical support to the Director of Care, Funeral Coordinator and family during funeral and memorial services at Centennial. This support includes: A/V & ushering support in the sanctuary; baking bars; and helping host large group meals. 

Prayer Chain

a team of people actively in prayer around needs that become known to the church, and commit to praying for these needs.

Prayer Shawl and Baby Blanket Team:

a group that creates and provides prayer shawls for people experiencing illness, and also baby blankets for newborns, by praying as you knit them for the people who will receive them. 

To join a prayer team

To join a prayer team, contact Parish Nurse Julia Nordling: | 651.633.7644