What We Believe About Giving

We acknowledge that church and money live in a historic tension: Following Jesus means that money is not the driving force in our lives. And for churches to create loving and just communities these days, some money is needed. So we live in that tension at Centennial, and we seek to trust that a generous life is a meaningful one. We also believe that generous giving includes sharing our time, talents, prayers, and presence with one another and with the world.


For new guests: You are always welcome to give, and we hope you never feel pressured to give your money to us; your presence is a gift to us!


For engaged participants at Centennial: We emphasize that giving generously to this faith community is a part of how we try to be faithful followers of Christ.



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Planned Giving

For over sixty years, Centennial United Methodist Church has worked hard to make our world more loving and just through creating active, thinking, and authentic disciples of Christ. Be a part of preserving that legacy with a planned gift today! Your gift will sustain Centennial's mission and vision, and ensure that the good work done by God through Centennial community members continues.



Memorials to Centennial United Methodist Church are sometimes preferred by the bereaved. Such memorials can be left at the church at the time of a funeral or memorial service or may be mailed at any time to Centennial United Methodist Church at 1524 W. County Road C2, Roseville, MN 55113.


Centennial Foundation

The Centennial United Methodist Foundation general endowment fund is intended to extend the Christian outreach of Centennial United Methodist Church by supporting projects promoted by members of the congregation.

Criteria for Selection:

  • A project must, in an identifiable way, operate for the religious, charitable, benevolent and educational purposes of Centennial United Methodist Church.

  • Projects are required to have identifiable support from all sources sufficient to assure timely and full completion of the proposed project.

  • Priority will be given to projects that benefit a majority of the congregation and the community at large, projects and activities designed to reduce the causes of societal and religious ills (not symptoms), and projects that enhance the church facilities to attract, serve and/or positively influence extension of Christian outreach.

  • Projects or activities which should reasonably be covered by normal operating budgets or capital expenditures, or those that would normally be covered by local, conference, national or international United Methodist Church activity will not be supported by the Centennial United Methodist Foundation.

  • Projects without long term relevance and benefit or those that aid narrow or special causes will only be considered for funding if they contain significant offsetting attributes.

  • Projects and activities must be acceptable to the Church Council or the Board of Trustees of the Centennial United Methodist Church.


To download a grant application, click here.

To download a Divinity Scholarship, click here.

To download a brochure with more information and FAQs, click here.


Those preparing grant requests are advised that the Board members require 14 days to evaluate grant proposals before voting on them at a meeting.



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