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Roseville Campus

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Sundays @ 9:30a 
Nursery & FaithWalk available
(FaithWalk = Sunday School)

St. Anthony Park Campus (St. Paul, MN)

St. Anthony Park Campus 

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Nursery & FaithWalk available
(FaithWalk = Sunday School)

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Roseville Campus
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We believe God creates a loving and just world through people!


Here's what you can do to help connect people in the Twin Cities with life-giving resources:





Centennial June Love Offering: Each year we receive a Love Offering to go to (1) significant outreaches of the Annual Conference, and this year we also have (2) a specific need we are asked to address with other St. Paul United Methodist churches. 

  • Each year, churches in the Minnesota Annual Conference take a Love Offering for missions in conjunction with our Annual Conference Session.  The theme of the 2021 Annual Conference—taking place June 22-24—is “Jesus. Waymaker.” The Love Offering provides the opportunity to experience the joy of doing way-making work with Jesus—feeding the hungry, reaching out to the migrant, and providing ongoing opportunities to touch lives with God’s compassion and grace.  Bishop David Bard invites congregations to pray about and participate in the Love Offering as a generous expression of God’s love.  The Annual Conference portion of Centennial’s Love Offering this year is dedicated to feeding the hungry and ministering to migrants. The funds from this year’s offering will to go to: The Methodist Border Friendship Commission (50 percent), host churches of Ruby’s Pantry (20 percent), the Matthew 25 food distribution (20 percent), and Volunteers in Mission scholarships (10 percent).  For more information on these efforts, go to
  • Housing Advocacy appeal from Centennial’s Church & Society Committee - Hamline and Fairmount Ave. United Methodist Churches are spearheading an effort to help the family of LaDavionne Garrett Jr., the 10-year-old boy who was recently shot in Minneapolis.  His injuries are so severe that he will require long term rehabilitation at Regions Hospital.  His grandmother, who has custody of LaDavionne and his 4-year-old and 2-year-old siblings, has experienced severe loss and feels her family is not safe in her present community.  St. Paul United Methodist Churches are working together to provide an anticipated $25,000-$30,000 rent and utilities for a home nearer the hospital which will enable her to respond more easily to her grandson’s needs.  If you would like to designate part of your Love offering to this special need, please write "L. Garrett" on the memo line and indicate the amount.  Undesignated donations will be split 50/50 with the MN Annual Conference for the other needs noted above. It is hoped the goal of $5,000 will be reached as Centennial's contribution to this family.  As part of this, the Church and Society Committee will donate some of their budgeted funds that are available.



Responding for Racial Justice in the Twin Cities: As people of faith, we believe that we are called to heal a broken world, and this includes racial justice. Go to [CLICK HERE]. Thank you!


Immigration – Conversations with Friends

A further note on Immigration. . . .

Our Mission Committee has taken the plight of refugees to heart.  Many have settled in Minnesota, and our church has sponsored many.  These people cannot return to their country because it has been determined by our government they might face death if they return.

In addition to refugees, another category is a group seeking asylum, many for political reasons but others for different reasons related to persecution.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detains persons who have overstayed their visas or entered without legal admission.  These people generally seek asylum.  The poor among them cannot afford lawyers and have no other representation.

Through an organization here in Minnesota called “Conversations with Friends” detained persons can be visited by volunteers where they are being held if the facility agrees and they wish a visit.  These persons are facing deportation but they are being held for months, even years, before their case is legally decided.  An appeal process is available --to the Board of Immigration Appeals –and typically takes 150 days.

A list called Circle of Compassion contains the names of visited detainees who request prayers. 




Be a part of this movement to connect everyone in the Twin Cities with life-giving resources. Join us for any of these ongoing opportunities (read on for more details):


Provide weekend food for schoolchildren | Every Meal

Mentoring | St. Anthony Park Elementary & Murray Middle School

Celebrate students with unique challenges and meet their needs | Fairview Alternative High School

Cook a meal with a team for 75-90 people | Ronald McDonald House 

Build a shelter for someone | Holy Hammers/Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity 

Build relationships & teach skills to refugees | Fairview Refugee Program 

Collect, repair & sell jewelry to raise funds | Walker Methodist Health Center 

Be an advocate | Emma Norton Services

Collect & deliver Clothing and Household Items in October

Provide food for homebound folks in Roseville | Meals on Wheels

Serve with a mission trip to Sierra Leone | Africa Uplifted


Food Distribution to Schoolchildren in Partnership with Every Meal 

Mission: To fight child hunger by providing weekend food to schoolchildren, helping to cover the weekend food gap when they are not in school for meal programs.

Description:  Packing culturally diverse food bags in the Every Meal warehouse.  Covid precautions are taken with a cap of volunteers at any one time, a requirement of masks and gloves, social distancing in workspaces and thorough cleaning of work areas between usage.

Qualifications: Desire to make an impact on child hunger.

When:  Schedule at your convenience.  Go, click on the yellow volunteer button at the top.  Scroll down to the scheduling options and select what will work for you.

Where: Warehouse, 2723 Patton Road, Roseville, just off County Rd. C on City Center Dr.

Want to get involved?

Connect with Anita Mayfield | k [DOT] anita [DOT] mayfield [AT] gmail [DOT] com | 651-483-8339 

Or Bonnie Koch | toouray [AT] aol [DOT] com | 651-683-2992


St. Anthony Park Elementary & Murray Middle School Tutor

Mission: Engage elementary and middle school age students in learning activities through 1-1 conversation.

Description: Tutor elementary and middle school students at St. Anthony Park Elementary & Murray Middle School in St. Paul.

Qualification: Ability to meaningfully connect with and motivation young learners.

When: TBD

Where: at St. Anthony Park Elementary & Murray Middle School

Want to help create a brighter future?

Connect with Pastor Whitney | wsheridan [AT] centennialumc [DOT] org | 651.633.7644


Outreach to Fairview Alternative High School (FAHS) Students

Mission:  To support students with unique challenges who are working to meet the requirements for a high school diploma and pass the GED. 

Description:  A pool of volunteers will organize and sponsor specific events for students during the school year, such as, end of term celebrations, recognition events for student progress, etc. Other student needs will be met, such as providing bus cards, hygiene items, clothing, emergency assistance, etc.  

Qualifications:  Desire to help plan and organize events, including specific tasks of purchasing supplies, setup, cleanup, etc., divided among volunteers by interests and availability.  Desire to organize ways to meet other student needs on an occasional basis.

When:  Once or twice a month, as requested by the FAHS Social Worker.

Where:  Fairview Alternative High School, Fairview Community Center, Roseville

Want to make a difference?

Connect with Anita Mayfield | k [DOT] anita [DOT] mayfield [AT] gmail [DOT] com | 651-483-8339 

Or Bonnie Koch | toouray [AT] aol [DOT] com | 651-683-2992


Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Cooks for Kids Small Group

Mission: Provide home-away-from-home meals for families whose children are being treated for life-threatening illnesses at Twin Cities-area hospitals. Since its beginning, Centennial has served meals to more than 5,000 family members, staff and volunteers.

Description: Members of Centennial’s Cooks for Kids group purchase, prepare and serve dinner for 75-90 people about once a month at the RMH Oak Street House near the U of M. Some members donate food, while others donate food, prepare and serve the dinners.

Qualifications: All volunteers must be 14 years or older. For the safety of the children and families served, no one in the group should be exposed to chickenpox in the last 21 days or had any communicable diseases such as mumps, strep throat, measles or other infection. In addition, anyone who has had a cold, fever or flu-like symptoms within the previous 24 hours should not attend.

When: Dates and individual’s participation vary. Generally: once a month on Monday or Tuesday nights from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Volunteers are not required to stay the entire time. Approximately 15-20 members participate in every dinner.

Where: Ronald McDonald House, near the Minneapolis Campus of the University of Minnesota.

Want to brighten someone's day?

Connect with Diane & Tom Anderson | dbanderson [AT] comcast [DOT] net | 651-398-5904


Holy Hammers/Twin City Habitat for Humanity

Mission: Eliminate poverty housing from the Twin Cities and to make decent, affordable shelter for all people a matter of conscience.

Description: As part of a team, assist with carpentry, painting and clean-up of construction or remodeling sites.  Volunteers are also needed to donate beverages, snacks and to prepare and serve food for volunteers. Supervision is supplied by a Habitat site supervisor and an AmeriCorps member. You will be working with a crew of Centennial members and other community volunteers.

Qualifications: There are jobs for any skill level. 

When: Annual build is in the spring/summer—sign up for a day or more.  There is also a regular crew that volunteers every Thursday throughout the year.

Where: Twin Cities metropolitan area.


Want to help someone feel safe in a home?

Connect with Jack Griffin | 651-587-9264 | jacklgriffin [AT] hotmail [DOT] com  


Fairview Refugee Program

Mission: To provide basic skills to adult refugee students as they learn English and adapt to life in Minnesota.

Description: Volunteers provide friendly, supportive assistance to students from a wide variety of countries through the following small groups an after-school program:

  • Sewing & Knitting Skills: make easy, practical items for themselves or others.

  • English Conversation Groups: practice and improve language skills.

Qualifications: Share basic Sewing or Knitting skills.  Be able to lead small Conversation groups, as directed by the Adult Education Volunteer Coordinator.  (The AEVC organizes and assigns volunteers as needed in these and other educational programs.)

When: Groups meet in 8-week blocks during Fall, Winter and Spring quarters on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Where: Roseville Adult Learning Center located at the Fairview Community Center

Want to empower and learn from our newest neighbors?

Connect with Anita Mayfield | k [DOT] anita [DOT] mayfield [AT] gmail [DOT] com | 651-483-8339


Walker Methodist Health Center

Mission: A Methodist-related center for short term or long-term care, working closely with each and every person to provide care and services that promote dignity, autonomy, and comfort.

Description: Collect used jewelry year round for the Walker Auxiliary to clean, repair and sell, which supports the needs of Walker residents.  Be the link from Centennial’s United Methodist Women’s group to Walker.  

Qualifications:  Able to drive to Walker in south Minneapolis with deliveries; able to attend Centennial United Methodist Women functions and Walker functions 2-3 times a year.

When:  Collect jewelry all year, serve coffee party in the fall and collect items for “Give a Little Gift” bags at Christmas time.

Where: Walker in Minneapolis and Centennial Campuses

Want to bring comfort and dignity to someone?

Connect with Jean Odeen | 651-278-2820


Emma Norton Services Liaison

Mission: Affordable housing for homeless women and children dealing with challenges of mental illness and chemical dependency.

Description:  Be liaison between Emma Norton Services and Centennial’s United Methodist Women’s board who keeps up to date to the needs for personal products and especially paper products.  Attend and support annual fundraising dinner at Emma Norton.  Help re-decorate rooms at the Residence: painting, window treatment, bedding, décor items.

Qualifications:  Willingness to advocate and do hands-on work.

When:  Board meeting first Tuesday afternoon each month; as needed at Emma Norton.

Where:  Emma Norton Residence is in downtown St. Paul and Emma Norton Place is in Maplewood.

Want to help someone experience new life?

Connect with Judy Phillips | judy-phillips [AT] comcast [DOT] net



Mission:  Provide Clothing & Household Items to persons in need in various St Paul & Minneapolis places

Description:  Collect Clothing & Household Items in October on a Saturday & Sunday morning in Centennial’s Roseville parking lot and deliver.

Qualification:  Need persons with trucks or vans to transport items

When:  We usually collect in October on a Saturday & Sunday morning

Where:  Centennial parking lot and deliver to needy places in St Paul & Minneapolis Want to make someone’s life a little easier?

Connect with Pauline Richards | richardsgp [AT] aol [DOT] com



Meals on Wheels 

Mission: Provide food and companionship homebound individuals in the Roseville area.

Description: Deliver a monthly meal to individuals in need.

Qualification: A reliable form of transportation and a passion for connecting with people. 

When: Every third Tuesday from 11:00a-12:00p

Where: Roseville area

Want to bring comfort and companionship to someone? 

Connect with Mary Ann Krinkie | mjkrinkie [AT] gmail [DOT] com | 651-484-2297


Sierra Leone Mission Trip

Mission: Working side by side with several villages in the West African country of Sierra Leone to improve basic healthcare, primary education, essential physical needs, economic development, and offer spiritual nurturing.

Description: Teams of Centennial members and friends travel together to Sierra Leone to build relationships with our brothers and sisters in villages of northern Sierra Leone.  We also assist with projects as needed including, but not limited to, working in the clinic, primary school, assisting with building or maintenance projects in the villages, and worship at the local United Methodist Churches.

Qualifications:  An open and willing heart to serve and get to know the people of the country.  There are activities for many skill levels.  The climate is hot and humid – team members will be required to have their healthcare professionals sign off on their fitness for travel to a developing country.  Additionally, team members will need to visit a travel clinic and receive applicable vaccinations.  One health professional is also needed for the team to look after the team member basic health practices during the trip.

When: Winter or Spring each year.

Where:  Sierra Leone, West Africa

More information:

Want to improve someone's life and witness God at work in Sierra Leone?

Connect with Eric Bjorklund | ebjorklund [AT] centennialumc [DOT] org | 651.633.7644