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Adventures When We Notice

April 12, 2017 | Anita Mayfield

Many people like to travel, seeking adventures they don't find at home.  I'm not much of a traveler and can't point to more than a few famous places that I've visited.  But it doesn't matter, because, for me, adventures are always around in the people I meet and the experiences I have with them - when I notice.

Three Sundays ago I met a young man named Zion, a new refugee to the United States.  He had walked here to Centennial from the motel down the frontage road.  He had seen our church steeple and came.  When I saw him sitting alone, I moved to sit by him.  (As many of you may know, my daughter-in-law is a refugee from Somalia, so God opened my eyes over 12 years ago.)

Zion and his brother, Janvier, and the rest of their family were driven out of Congo 19 years ago and had grown up in Burundi in very poor conditions.  Through sponsorship by Catholic Charities, they are now settled in an apartment near Rice and Larpenteur (where many of us served a large meal several years ago; it is still home to many refugees).

Janvier and Zion have begun English classes at Fairview, including joining our Wednesday afternoon Sewing/Knitting/Conversation Groups at Fairview. Many of you have volunteered at Fairview and others from Centennial are ESL/ELL teachers there. In our unawareness, God keeps weaving us together.

One small adventure/anecdote, among many, that I've had so far with Janvier and Zion:  After church last week, we went to eat together and then to the Roseville library.  Janvier studied to be an electrician in Burundi and wanted to find books to learn more.  When we were leaving, he picked up a brochure about "finding your true calling" and, as we stood outside the room where the program had begun, he asked me what that meant. I said it means finding out what you're meant to do and finding your talents to do it.  He smiled and said "I know that you're meant to help people.  And I know mine is to learn electricity."

Catholic Charities has done much to get Janvier and Zion get started, but their obligation ends after three months - by June.  Can we, together, pick up the threads of welcome and friendship now when Janvier and Zion need us?  Adventures continue every day when we notice the people around us.