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Connecting with God - Launch Seminar

April 20, 2017 | Tammy Nara


We have been asking people to share their stories about what they experieneced at our Launch Seminar. Here's what Tammy Nara shared (shared here with her permission):


When the launch seminar was announced, the thoughts that came to mind went something like this:

"That sounds interesting. Maybe that is just what I need to figure out why I have felt so disconnected from church lately."

"Not so fast. You know what will happen. It is an event to recruit volunteers. You don't want to return to that life of being overextended."

"They claim that the event's purpose is to deepen your personal relationship with God. That is what I want. If It turns out to be something else, I can always leave."

"But would you?"

"Yes, I would."

One of my life goals is to spend less time at work, and I knew that if I did not go to the Launch event, I would spend that Saturday morning at work. I felt I had nothing to lose, and possibly something to gain. Maybe it would help me clarify some other life goals. When I saw that Dee and Jeff Lee were organizers, that helped me make the decision to sign up.
Turns out, this event WAS all about deepening your personal relationship with God. I felt zero pressure to sign up for anything, although those options were available. The activities were designed for reflection and decision making. I could share as much or as little as I wanted with the others at my table. It really was OK to do what was helpful for me.
We were encouraged to ponder our big dreams and decide on steps to take in their direction. My big dream is to spend time in nature creating art that communicates ideas. This art will help people see what is important. Since then I have devoted time to this dream, and I am getting closer to it.

The Fine Arts committee here at Centennial has approached me in the past and I had declined to get involved. During the seminar my phone rang. I was so embarrassed about forgetting to silence it, I jumped up and left the room to answer. It was a member of the Fine Arts committee asking if I could display my art in Linden Hall. I decided this time to say yes, even though the art I want to display was not yet created. If I wait until I feel completely ready, it will never happen. Since then, with God's help, I have created some new paintings, and looked through all my old ones. I am excited to show them in June. I hope that the people who see them will understand what they are trying to say.
Another added bonus to attending the seminar is meeting more of the people at church. I have enjoyed talking with the people from my table at coffee time, and I started joining in on walks with the Centennial group called "Sneakers".
The Launch Seminar is a time to reflect on your relationship with God and what to do about it. I am very glad I decided to take part.


The next seminar is April 29, 2017. Head over here for more information and to hear Lucinia's story.


Want to sign-up now? Email Jeff and Dee Lee at djlee1387 [AT] gmail [DOT] com