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Welcome to those who found us

May 1, 2017 | Anita Mayfield

For the past several Sundays we have had visitors to Centennial who recently arrived in the United States.  Some of you have met them: two brothers who are trying to figure out how to live in a new country, Janvier (Shawn-vee-air; age 29) and Zion (See-own; age 21). 

In the mysterious and wonderful way God works, Janvier and Zion were staying at a nearby motel, waiting to move to an apartment, when they "saw the cross on the steeple and knew we could come to pray".  So, they walked to Centennial to attend a Sunday morning service. Now it is our great blessing and challenge to fully welcome them.

Janvier and Zion are originally from Congo, but spent 19 years in Burundi as refugees with their parents and siblings. Sponsored by Catholic Charities, they have received basic help and are now settled in an apartment in Roseville - near Rice and Larpenteur (where Centennial members served a meal to refugees several years ago).

They are taking English classes at Fairview Community Center and trying to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible about their new community. Their immediate need is to find jobs so they may begin the process of supporting themselves. 

Janvier speaks English fairly well but Zion has more limited English language skills. Their languages are French and Swahili.  Janvier has had some training in electrical work and also video recording. They are willing to work in whatever jobs are available but would need to plan for transportation.  Also, they need to continue their English classes. If you have any ideas or suggestions about jobs, training programs, referrals to make, or any other ways you could help them, your assistance is truly needed.
Almost equally important, Janvier and Zion would be so happy to find new friends.  Janvier recently told me they come home from school, talk to each other, study as they can, watch some TV and that is about all.  He said "it is good to be able to talk to more people and learn more".

Would you take them to some places around the area and help them learn simple living skills that we take for granted? Transportation to church and lunch afterwards? A trip to the grocery store, a visit to the library or a local park? Prepare a meal with them and teach them about unfamiliar foods?  Share your talents and skills such as simple repairs, music, reading, writing, searching the internet for information, provide tutoring? If you could spend some time just listening and talking to these young men, you will learn about some of the difficulties they are facing as refugees and you'll no doubt find many other ways to help them.
In whatever ways you may feel called to welcome Janvier and Zion to Centennial and our local community, it will definitely enrich your life and theirs. 

If you would like more information, please contact Anita Mayfield at 651-483-8339 or k [DOT] anita [DOT] mayfield [AT] gmail [DOT] com

NOTE:  There are some items that they need or would greatly enjoy if you wish to donate anything:  a microwave, an iron, some basic tools, bicycles, a sewing machine, a music keyboard, books to help improve/learn English. Other ideas you might have to help them are welcome!  Thank you for anything you may be able to offer.