Roseville Campus (Roseville, MN)

Roseville Campus

1524 W County Rd C2
Roseville, MN 55113 (map

Traditional Worship

Sundays @ 9:30a 
Nursery & FaithWalk available
(FaithWalk = Sunday School)

Kids2 Worship

(kid-friendly, and for all!)
2nd Sundays @ 9:30a 

St. Anthony Park Campus (St. Paul, MN)

St. Anthony Park Campus 

2200 Hillside Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108(map

Contemporary Worship

Sundays @ 10:00-11:00a
Nursery & FaithWalk available
(FaithWalk = Sunday School)

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Roseville Campus
St. Anthony Park Campus


Holy Week 

Easter Offering: With food insecurity impacting the short and long term health of so many of our community members, the Church and Society Committee has identified three regional organizations as recipients of our 2021 Easter donations. Every Meal, formerly Sheridan, focuses on providing healthy, culturally appropriate meal bags for children and youth. Operating from a Roseville warehouse, they provide 30,000 meals per week through 300 schools. Second Harvest Heartland works with partners to provide meals that include fresh fruits and vegetables to support a balanced diet. They have seen a 60% increase in numbers of people seeking service. Meals on Wheels delivers nutritious midday meals and a social connection to seniors who are unable to prepare their own meals. They have seen a 30% increase in needs. A video describing each organizations’ outreach will be shown in church services on Palm Sunday. Donations may be sent to CUMC, Roseville campus. Please enter “Easter Donation” on the memo line to distinguish it from the local March food share contributions.

Stimulus Appeal: As you saw in the announcement just before this one, our Easter offering has been designated by the Church & Society Committee to be given to three organizations that address food insecurity: Second Harvest, Every Meal, and Meals on Wheels. Our Church & Society Committee joins with the Finance Ministry Team in asking you to consider donating all or part of the proceeds of your stimulus check to Centennial’s overall ministries.  We know that not everyone is at the place where they can consider this, or there may be other priorities that you have, but we thank you for giving this your prayerful consideration. Your generosity is always appreciated. In this time of stimulus payments for many, and looking further ahead for Centennial, the Finance Ministry Team is projecting a possible $200,000 shortfall for 2022. The Finance Team always seeks to be responsible with our church’s finances and plan ahead. While 2021 continues to look positive, everything we can do now will help.

Maundy Thursday April 1:
Joint online service, hosted by Roseville worship team

Good Friday April 2:
Joint online service, hosted by Saint Anthony Park worship team

Easter Sunday April 4: Online services for both
Saint Anthony Park and Roseville—
Share Easter Traditions & Faith Stories with
Pastor Brian at 10:30 on Zoom at [CLICK HERE]



4.4.2021 - Roseville Campus Online Easter Sunday Worship


4.4.2021 - St. Anthony Park Campus Easter Sunday Online Worship


Easter Offering


4.2.2021 - Good Friday Service, Roseville & St. Anthony Park Campuses Online Worship


4.1.2021 - Maundy Thursday Service, Roseville & St. Anthony Park Campuses Online Worship


3.28.2021 - Roseville Campus Online Palm Sunday Worship


3.28.2021 - St. Anthony Park Campus Palm Sunday Online Worship


3.21.2021 - Roseville Campus Online Worship


3.21.2021 - St. Anthony Park Campus Online Worship


3.14.2021 - Roseville Campus Online Worship


3.14.2021 - St. Anthony Park Campus Online Worship


3.7.2021 - Roseville Campus Online Worship


3.7.2021 - St. Anthony Park Campus Online Worship


2.28.2021 - Roseville Campus Online Worship


2.28.2021 - St. Anthony Park Campus Online Worship


2.21.2021 - Roseville Campus Online Worship


2.21.2021 - St. Anthony Park Campus Online Worship


Ash Wednesday 2.17.2021 - Roseville Campus Online Worship


Ash Wednesday 2.17.2021 - St. Anthony Park Campus Online Worship



Lengthen Your Faith this Lent - Many have joked that 2020 felt like the longest, Lentiest-Lent ever. With all that’s been lost or taken away this past year, turning the calendar to see the season of Lent again might cause us to groan if we think of this season primarily as one for fasting, giving things up, or making sacrifices. While all of those traditions are certainly a part of Lent, there are other ways to think of this season too. Lent is a time when the days lengthen and when we think about seedlings stretching down deep into the soil to find nutrients for growth. Many Christians choose to add in a new spiritual practice or lean into one that’s already working for them. There’s no one ‘right way’ to do Lent! Consider leaning into one or more of these Lenten practices this year: 

  • Lenten Small Groups. Several small groups will be reading and talking through Bishop Michael Curry’s book “Love Is The Way”. Find a group to join by clicking HERE.

  • 2021 Lenten Calendar. Journey through Lent with suggested spiritual practices and familiar faces sharing Scripture each day. Click HERE to follow along. Doors cannot be opened until midnight of the designated day, or any time after.