Thank You Centennial for sharing Our Visions through surveys, interviews and committee inputs.

 Are we ready to be vibrant, relevant and faithful to God’s vision for us?

Yes! Centennial will live our mission to welcome ALL people and create authentic, active, thinking followers of Jesus who go out and build loving and just communities. To attain this, we have six goals involving:


• One Church - Two Campuses

• Communication

• Faith Formation

• Loving, Authentic, and Inclusive Community

• Mission and Outreach

• Worship and Music


For more detailed information read the full Strategic Plan: CLICK HERE


Centennial’s Strategic Plan Introduction


Centennial's Strategic Plan Goals 1-3


Centennial's Strategic Plan Goals 4-6




In May 2021, The Church Council appointed a team of twelve Centennial United Methodist Church members to develop a strategic plan that would guide Centennial’s ministries for the next three to five years.

The Reverend Mary Kay DuChene, who specializes in helping congregations develop strategic plans, coached the Strategic Planning Team. Additionally, CUMC Pastors Brian Hacklander, Whitney Sheridan, and Jennifer Anderson advised the team.

The team used a data driven approach. The data sources were the results of the 2019 All-Church Survey and the twenty-eight follow-up interviews, the June 2021 financial report, and forty interviews conducted by the strategic planning team members between May and July of 2021.

Throughout the strategic plan development process, the team made every effort to preserve the traditions and values that are the foundation of CUMC’s strong ministries. Therefore, the team first answered the question: Who are we as a congregation?

Next the team sought to identify areas for future focus that would ensure that CUMC remained vibrant and relevant in a dynamic world. Therefore, the team pondered the question: Who do want to become as a congregation?

And, finally, the team explored paths that the church could take to make what we hope for become a reality. Therefore, the team tackled the question: How can we get from where we are to where we want to be?

The report is organized into three sections. The first section details “Who We Are,” that is, what do we value and prize as a congregation? The second section is “Where are We Going” and lays out the six strategic goals that the team has identified with possible approaches to reach these goals. The concluding section, “Plan Adoption, Tracking, and Reporting” details the framework to ensure implementation of the goals.

The Strategic Planning Team hopes that Centennial United Methodist Church will continue to be a source of faith formation, discipleship, and the creation of authentic, active, thinking followers of Jesus where ALL are welcome. We hope that the congregation finds this plan energizing and compelling as we move forward in the future at Centennial.
Respectfully submitted

The 2021 Strategic Planning Committee:
Trever Ball and Randy Oelschlager (co-chairs), Carolyn Gwi, Danny Mishek, Debby Newman, Derek Vandenburgh, Erma Comstock, Jerry Matchett, Karen Ketola, Linda Barrows, Marsha Linden, Raquel Konzem


Who We Are

As the congregation of Centennial United Methodist Church, we value….

• Faith Development for All Age Groups

• A Sense of Family and Community

• An Opportunity to Love Our Neighbor with Socially Conscious Outreach

• Our Involved Pastors

• A Loving, Authentic, and Inclusive Community

• Our Music Programs


Where We Are Going

To live our mission and remain vibrant in an ever-changing world, six strategic goals have been identified. The full strategic plan provides a complete definition of each goal, possible strategies for successful implementation, and groups or individuals who might be involved in attainment of these goals.




• Goal 1: One Church - Two Campuses

Centennial United Methodist Church will fully embrace and implement the goal of One Church - Two Campuses through a shared mission statement and dedicated leadership that recognizes the strength in working together and acknowledges that there are varying pathways to become authentic, active, thinking followers of Jesus.




• Goal 2: Communication

Centennial United Methodist Church will have a dynamic and engaging multi-media presence that provides effective and easy communication with church congregants and with the broader local, state, national, and international communities.




• Goal 3: Faith Formation

Centennial United Methodist Church will strengthen its mission of building authentic, active, thinking followers of Jesus through a variety of increased faith formation opportunities that meet people where they are on each of their faith journeys.




• Goal 4: Loving, Authentic, and Inclusive Community

Centennial United Methodist Church members will be actively and openly living their commitments to be Reconciling and Racial Reconciling congregations.




• Goal 5: Mission and Outreach

Centennial United Methodist Church is known as a welcoming, supportive place for ALL throughout the local and worldwide community because of the actions we take within and outside the church walls.




• Goal 6: Worship and Music

Centennial United Methodist Church will maintain excellence in worship services and music programs and will continue to meet the needs of the congregation at both campuses by offering uniquely different experiences that reflect the makeup of the diverse congregations.




Plan Adoption, Tracking and Reporting

The Strategic Planning Committee considered three basic questions for successfully implementing the goals identified for action.

• How to achieve original approval and adoption of the plan?

• How to communicate and discuss the plan with all church members?

• How to track and report progress of achievements on a regular basis


First, the plan was accepted as complete by the Strategic Planning Committee, then presented to the Church Council for approval. Following Council approval, copies will be made available to the membership.


A town hall discussion will be scheduled on each campus following a Sunday service in addition to a virtual session on a weekday evening to respond to questions and comments from congregants.


The Church Council would then appoint a support team to track and report actions toward achievement of the goals periodically.


For more detailed information read the full Strategic Plan: CLICK HERE